2016-10-14 12:29:00

Saudi funding of Wahhabi ideology must stop in order to fight it - al-Assad

Moscow, October 14, Interfax - A primary condition of the fight against the Wahhabi ideology is the putting of a lid on funds coming from the Saudi government, NGOs and institutions which promote the Wahhabi ideology worldwide, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said.

"The most important objective at all levels is the fight against their ideology, which we should replace with an equally strong but moderate trend. There is no way to fight radical Islam with any ideology but moderate Islam. This is the only way. But that will require time and interaction with the younger generation. Most importantly, we should stop the flow of money paid by the Saudi government, their NGOs and their institutions, which are promoting the Wahhabi ideology worldwide. You cannot say you are going to fight this ideology and at the same time allow their sheikhs and imams to advocate the dark ideology in their madrasahs," the Syrian leader said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"It's impossible but this is happening in Europe. We are speaking of the third and fourth generations of Muslims living in Europe; they are sending us terrorists from Europe itself. They have never lived in this region, they do not speak Arabic, they do not read the Quran but they are extremists, because the West has allowed the Wahhabi ideology to infiltrate the European Union," he said.

"We have encountered a variety of things. We have to deal with their powerful media, which is financed with petrodollars from Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries advocating extremism. What shall we do? Lots of parallel efforts will be necessary. This is the only possibility to defeat them. We have to physically destroy terrorists, although this is only a part of the solution, not the entire one," he said.