2006-04-18 15:49:00

Russian Constitutional Court to consider inquiry of a deputy from Bashkiria who insists on legalization of the same-sex marriages

Ufa, Apri1 18, Interfax - A deputy of the Bashkortostan's State Assembly Edvard Murzin reports the Russian Constitutional Court will consider his inquiry next May-June. He insists on the repeal of Art.12 of the Family Code that, in his opinion, bans marriages of persons of untraditional sexual orientation.

'I have received formal notification that the Russian Constitutional Court would consider my inquiry in a plenary session next May-June', Murzin told Interfax-Povolzhje agency on Tuesday.

He said he asked the Court to alter Art.12 of the Family Code that stipulates that mutual accord of man and woman who reached marriage age is needed for marriage.

'Religious, national or color discrimination is inadmissible from the point of human rights and freedoms. So, discrimination of persons wanting to marry each other for reasons of their sex is also inadmissible', the Bashkirian deputy explained his position.

He added that he and his friend tried to register their marriage in a Moscow registry office as an experiment, but were denied registration of the same-sex marriage. The court they applied accepted the ruling as being in order.