2016-07-11 12:33:00

Samara court decides to deport a US pastor for violating visa regimen

*** An American supposedly came to hold a marriage of homosexual couple

Samara, July 11, Interfax - The Sovetsky District Court of Samara deported US pastor James Francis Mullahey, his advocate Karina Arutyunyan told Interfax.

Besides, the pastor is obliged to pay about $30 fine.

According to the information of the agency source in the law-enforcement agencies, the pastor came to Samara to chair a marriage ceremony for a homosexual couple.

"As I understand, this person arrived here with a tourist visa and carried out "a marriage," if we can put it like this, for people of non-traditional sexual orientation. Someone complained, the policeman came, checked his documents, and was met with outrage and indignation, and he (the pastor - IF) was taken to the police station," the interviewee of the agency said.

The pastor's advocate also said that Mullahey was detained on suspension of illegal missionary work.