2016-06-27 10:26:00

Russian Security Council notes active use of religious organizations by foreign special services

Moscow, June 27, Interfax - The special services of other countries are involving religious, ethnic, human rights and other public organizations in the activity to destabilize some regions in the world, a new version of the Russian information security doctrine published on the Russian Security Council's website said.

"The scale, on which the special services of some countries use information and psychological impact aimed to destabilize domestic political and social situation in various regions of the world that result in the undermining of the sovereignty and the disruption of territorial integrity of other countries, is expanding," the draft document said.

Religious, ethnic, human rights and public organizations are being lured into this activity, it said.

"The tendency of a growing amount of reports in foreign media, which contain non-objective and biased assessment of Russian foreign and domestic policy, is being observed. Russian media are frequently subjected to outright discrimination abroad, obstacles are being put up for Russian journalists to conduct their professional activity," the draft document said.

The Russian Security Council also said that other countries had been seeking to actively influence Russian young people.

"The information impact on Russia's population, primarily young people, is being augmented, in order to erode cultural and spiritual values, undermine moral backbones, historical foundations and patriotic traditions of its multi-ethnic nation," the published draft of a new version of the information security doctrine, which the Russian Security Council has worked out, said.