2016-06-24 18:42:00

Experts warn against Constantinople's attempt to set up a standing body of ruling the Orthodox world

Moscow, June 24, Interfax - The community of Russian experts called The Byzantium Club has criticized the idea of making The Pan-Orthodox Council a permanently acting body and supported the Russian Church in its decision not to participate in the forum of church heads now held on Crete.

"An attempt to set up some permanently acting governing body is an attempt against autocephaly (independence) of local Churches, an attempt to set up a kind of outside administration over local Churches," press service of the Russian Public Chamber reports resuming the results of the Byzantium Club session held on its platform and chaired by renowned political expert Servey Markov.

Participants in the club believe that it may be considered in the context of "Europe's vassal position before the USA."

"Experts were positive about the decision of the Russian Orthodox Church not to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council as participation of the most numerous local Church would have strengthened the legitimacy of the Council and its decisions no matter how the discussion develops," the message reads.

Participant in the session and member of the Byzantium Club Kirill Frolov told Interfax-Religion that organizers of the forum did not conceal that it was mostly held on money of American benefactors.

"We can suppose who these benefactors from the State Department and other services are. Setting up a standing body of outside administration over local Orthodox Churches, imposing the program of their deautocephalization correlates with Washington idea of depriving national states of sovereignty by the way of holding orange revolutions there," he said.

Frolov believes the Russian Orthodox Church as the world's biggest Orthodox Church bears the responsibility of preserving unity of Orthodoxy, "dogma about Orthodox Church as the only true, and convene the truly Pan-Orthodox Council without pressure and doubtful dogmatic and canonical experiments."

Archbishop of the Constantinople Patriarch Archbishop Job of Telmessos recently told the journalists resuming the results of opening the inter-Orthodox forum on Crete, that the primates of Orthodox Churches expressed hope that the Holy and the Great Council will become a new body of the Orthodox Church, which will be convened regularly to settle the problems, which Orthodox believers face in the 21st century."