2016-05-23 10:36:00

LGBT pride parade not held in Chisinau, its participates evacuated for security reasons

Chisinau, May 23, Interfax - Orthodox activists stopped LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people from holding a parade in the center of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, on Sunday, a spokesman for the LGBT organization Genderdoc-M told Interfax.

Police had to evacuate LGBT activists in order to prevent clashes with an oncoming column of Orthodox activists.

"It was Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon who put" the opponents "in this mood," Genderdoc-M information center leader Alexey Marcicov told Interfax.

"We only needed to reach Pushkin Street and there make a live human quarter, which, according to our idea, would express one of the elements of our No Fear campaign. However, we were rudely stopped from doing it," he said.

The abandoned parade was part of the No Fear campaign, which is an awareness raising program about LGBT people's rights in Moldova.

On Saturday, members of the European Union's Delegation to Moldova, U.S. Embassy in Moldova political advisor Paul Graddon, Italian Ambassador to Moldova Enrico Nunziata and a number of public figures confirmed their participation in the No Fear! parade.

In previous years, attempts to arrange a parade, entitled Rainbow over the Dniestr, ended in clashes with opponents of such marches. Orthodox activists view such parades as propaganda, which they intend to suppress.