2016-05-20 10:04:00

Spread of same-sex marriage puts world in moral catastrophe - Zorkin

St. Petersburg, May 20, Interfax - By cultivating new gender and family norms, including the possibility of same-sex marriage, the contemporary West is putting the world in a global moral catastrophe, Russian Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkin said.

"The legislations put in place in the majority of Western countries in the sphere of public morals, primarily in the sphere of gender and family norms, come as a socio-psychological shock to the public consciousness of very many countries of the world. That it, it breaks global sociality," Zorkin said, while delivering a lecture at the St. Petersburg international legal forum.

Zorkin said the regulations legalizing same-sex marriage contradict the ideas of both believers and secular educated people of various national cultures.

"It is not an accident that the leading hierarchs of the Christian Churches, and the leading Muslim and Jewish religious figures, are saying with increasing insistence, that today's West led by the U.S., the leader of this West, is actively and deliberately putting the world in a global moral catastrophe," Zorkin said.