2016-02-03 15:07:00

UOC primate concerned about legalization of homosexual 'marriages' in Ukraine

Moscow, February 3, Interfax - Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine is concerned about the prospect of legalizing unisexual unions in the country.

Speaking at the Bishops' Council in Moscow, he reminded that on November 12, 2015, the Supreme Rada approved of the draft on "Introducing Changes in the Codex of Ukrainian Laws on Labor (referring to harmonizing Ukrainian law in correspondence with the European law in the field of preventing and opposing discrimination), the Russian Church reports on its website.

"This law introduces new for the Ukrainian legislative field terms 'sexual orientation,' and 'gender identity.' Such novelties can become the first step for promoting homosexual lifestyle in Ukraine and attempts to legalize unisexual marriages," the metropolitan said.

He said that the Ukrainian Church together with other religious organizations directed to the Rada alternative formulations to the mentioned draft in order to prevent discrimination, but escape introducing "terms alien to Christian morals" in the legislative field.

"Unfortunately, our position has never been heard. Thus, the Bishops' Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church again urged the Ukrainian President to "back up traditional moral values and protect people from promoting sinful lifestyle in the society on January 29, 2016," Metropolitan Onufry said.