2015-07-10 15:59:00

MP Milonov suggests taking children away from homosexual "families" in Russia

Moscow, July 10, Interfax - Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative council suggests that children should be taken away from homosexual "families," which de facto are practiced in Russia.

"If a child is not isolated from manifestations of homosexual relations, if somehow it becomes clear to him or to her that mother's or father's friend is their Sodom partner, guardian bodies should react immediately. It is worse than when a child lives in an alcoholic family," Milinov said in his interview with the Russkaya Sluzhba Novostey (Russian News Service) radio.

An alcoholic, he further said, can change his mind, but such cases are "much more seldom" among homosexual partners. "So we have to take them away. If a child is subjected to psychological influence from his homosexual relatives, who love each other, the state should not hypocritically stand aside," the deputy said.

He noted that according to statistics the per cent of psychological deviations among children from such families is much higher than in traditional families.

"If a child grows up and understands that there are no two mothers in a family, but his mother lives with another woman, it is a great tragedy. Childhood is destroyed, his right on harmonic development is destroyed. And this another woman can do whatever she likes. Here guardian bodies can imply their efforts and talents on control and taking away the children," Milonov believes.