2015-05-29 13:49:00

Moscow authorities caution gays from holding parade

Moscow, May 29, Interfax - An attempt made by LBGT activists to hold a rally in Moscow on Saturday, May 30, will constitute a breach of the law and its organizers will be punished, Alexey Mayorov, the head of the Moscow regional security and corruption prevention department, told Interfax.

"There are no legal grounds for holding this rally," he said.

"The rally is not authorized. We have notified the law enforcement agencies about that. The prosecutors will issue a warning to the organizers of this event, saying that the rally is not authorized and its organizers will be subjected to liability if it is conducted," Mayorov said.

In the meantime, representatives of the LGBT community said on Friday that they will hold a gay pride parade on May 30 regardless of its authorization by the Moscow government.

In accordance with one of the notifications, the event will be held near the Yury Dolgoruky monument on Tverskaya Square on May 30, the LBGT community reported on its website on Friday.