2014-10-06 11:10:00

Protest against same-sex marriage bill held in Estonia

Tallinn, October 6, Interfax - A massive rally titled, "In support of family and democracy," was held outside the parliament building in Tallinn last Sunday.

Several thousand people came for a rally in the Toompea hill in the city center organized by a foundation promoting family and traditional values to protest against the co-habitation bill allowing marriage to same-sex couples, currently debated in parliament.

The demonstrators also held banners which read "Let there always be mom, let there always be dad, let there always be me," "Shame!", "Family is the pride and strength of Estonian society!", "Parliament, listen to the people!" and others.

The bill has already passed first reading; the second one was expected this December.

However, the parliament decided to fast-track the bill, which was proposed by 40 deputies out of the total 101. The second reading will be held on October 7 and the third one on October 9. It has also been decided to pass it by a simple majority of votes.

Although public opinion polls show that most people oppose the bill, the government is set to do whatever it takes to get it through.

Prime Minister Taavi Roivas told a governmental press conference last Thursday that he favored its passage. In his view, the bill will demonstrate the society's tolerance towards sexual minorities.