2006-03-14 12:00:00

Acting Mayor of Jerusalem welcomes the refusal of the Moscow authorities to hold a gay parade in the capital

Moscow, March 14, Interfax - Acting Mayor of Jerusalem Yigal Amedi expressed solidarity with the refusal of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to allow a gay parade in the Russian capital city.

‘Moscow is a nice city; there are different people in it, so why something like this should be arranged here? Let them get together somewhere in the country and hold it out there,’ Amedi said in an interview to Interfax.

He reminded the agency that last year the idea of holding a similar event in Jerusalem provoked a strong indignation among local religious and public circles.

‘Ultimately we said this: if you want to organize this event, then do it in some private facilities. But you cannot arrange it in public places since it may not correspond with the outlook of many people,’ Amedi said emphasizing that the Jerusalem is ‘the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam’.

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