2014-09-11 13:28:00

Austrian MP condemns USA in attempts to blow up traditional European values

Moscow, September 11, Interfax - Member of the Austrian Parliament Johann Gudenus believes the United States stand behind the attempts to destroy traditional values in Europe.

"Europe is more than the European Union. Europe is a big Christian family. But there is someone who wants to break up our values, our family. And we know that the USA continues war till the last European soldier," he said Thursday at the international forum Large Family and Future of Humanity.

He said that policy of the European Union "is the NATO policy, American policy."

"I'm ashamed of it. People of Austria, people of the European Union don't share it. We are Russia's friends and it is important for me to say that," Gudenus said.

He also said that "homosexual lobby is very strong in Europe: they master mass-media, papers, TV channels."

"Today they seek absolute equality in rights, they want to adopt children and where it can lead it is difficult to imagine," he said.