2014-08-08 14:43:00

Priest working with refugees sees the reason of war in Ukraine in abandoning God

Moscow, August 8, Interfax - There are many atheists among Ukrainian refugees, dean the Donetsk Diocese parishes and rector of the Derzhavnaya Icon of the Mother of God Church in Donetsk, the Rostov Region, priest Vladimir Tatarkin said.

"I see there are a lot of atheists among Ukrainian refugees, they don't wear crosses and can't even make the sign of cross, though there are many great shrines, relics and wonder-working icons in Ukraine. Perhaps, schism and the Uniate Church have influenced the people. We give 300 Orthodox crosses a day to refugees," the priest said in his interview posted by the Pravoslavny Vzglyad website.

According to him, this situation is "a response to the question about God's wrath during the war."

"Situation when people have abandoned God can be overcome only by bloodshed. The Lord guided Jews across the desert for forty years to eliminate the old tribe and make the new blessed tribe appear, capable to love God and work for Him," Father Vladimir said.