2014-06-25 10:01:00

Putin dismisses problems of Russian sexual minorities as "virtual"

Vienna, June 25, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks the problems of sexual minorities in Russia have been exaggerated.

"Despite certain cliches that we see being used towards to Russia, including with regard to the so-called problems of sexual minorities; this problem is largely of a virtual nature. I will recall that unlike many other countries, Russia does not impose a criminal liability for homosexuality and other forms of non-traditional orientation," Putin said after a meeting with his Austrian counterpart Heinz Fischer in Vienna.

"We do not have the criminal liability. But in certain other countries, including very big ones that consider themselves democratic, such criminal liability still exists," he added.

Also unlike many other countries, Russia does not have a death penalty, he said. "Yet we agree that we need to think about the future, need to improve our legislation," said the Russian head of state.