2014-06-17 14:44:00

Court upholds refusal to allow April LGBT rallies in Kostroma

Yaroslavl, June 17, Interfax - Kostroma's Sverdlovsky district court has upheld the refusal of the city authorities to allow a gay pride parade and two rallies that were planned in Kostroma in April 2014, the court told Interfax on Tuesday.

Moscow gay parade leader Nikolay Alexeyev was the one to contest the actions of officials.

The court ruled that the Kostroma administration banned lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) rallies due to force majeure circumstances.

It has been reported that in April 2014 the Kostroma authorities permitted holding a gay march at Lokomotivnaya Street but banned the event at the last moment.

Founder of the Moscow gay parade movement Nikolay Alexeyev also contested in court the Kostroma administration banning two rallies on June 1 or June 2. The Kostroma authorities did not permit the June 1 event citing the celebration of the children's day, while the June 2 rally was allowed at first and then it was cancelled due to emergency works along the parade route at Lokomotivnaya Street. The ruling on the complaint has not been returned yet.

According to the statement posted on GayRussia.ru, Alexeyev referred in his complaint to an earlier verdict of the Kostroma regional court presidium in which the court sided with the LGBT community and ruled that the cancellation of same events in April was illegitimate.