2014-05-22 18:00:00

Homosexual cohabitation to be registered in Estonia

Tallinn, May 22, Interfax - Estonian government at its session on Thursday approved of the draft "On cohabitation," permitting to register joint living of unisexual couples.

"The draft permits to register cohabitation to couples that for certain reasons cannot or do not wish to legalize their marriage, but want to have juridical guarantees connected with joint residence," the governmental press service told Interfax.

Two adults of the full legal age and capable of functioning independently of their sex can conclude an agreement on cohabitation. At least, one of them should live in Estonia.

The USA, Great Britain, Austria and the Netherlands earlier backed up the initiative of Estonian MPs. Unisexual couples can register their relations in 14 states of the European Union.

It is planned that the law will enter into force in January 2015.