2014-05-19 14:08:00

Khabarovsk gay picket disrupted by locals

Khabarovsk, May 19, Interfax - An event titled "Rainbow Under Amur" organized in Khabarovsk by local LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) activists lasted for only about three minutes before being disrupted by local residents.

"The event was to be held last Saturday. The authorities had warned the picketers about an extremely negative public reaction. The police managed to prevent disturbances. Over 300 Khabarovsk residents gathered to stop participants of the flash mob," Khabarovsk Territory police spokeswoman Elza Trifonova told Interfax on Monday.

Luckily, everything was limited to the ruining of the balloons gay activists were planning to let go into the sky, she said.

"Khabarovsk activists punctured several balloons of the picketers. After that the six most active anti-picketers were arrested. They all turned out to be teenagers and were released," Trifonova said.

For his part, gay picket organizer Aleksandr Yermoshkin wrote on his Facebook page said that, in his view, the "Rainbow Under Amur" did take place.

"Overall, we nearly succeeded, balloons were let go, we even stuck two pink triangles onto them," Yermoshkin wrote.

He also posted a video from the event showing the picketers carrying huge bundles of colored balloons stopping short of their venue.

The balloons were seized from them by gay picket opponents. The picketers escaped beating only thanks to the presence of dozens of police officers.

The event proper did not last for more than three minutes.