2014-04-02 16:48:00

Gay activists prevented from meeting in Osh

Osh, April 2, Interfax - A Kyrgyz youth organization called Ak Kyzmat (Pure Service) has asked gay activists to leave the southern Kyrgyz capital.

"Having learned from social networking sites about the planned event, the young activists from the city of Osh gathered at Osh Huru (Osh Ray) Hotel and disrupted the discussion on Wednesday of the protection of the rights of people with non-traditional sexual orientation," Ak Kyzmat leader Sonunbek Zhunusbayev told Interfax.

About 200 young activists entered a hotel where the meeting was taking place and asked the attendees to leave the building, he said.

"The worldview of the Kyrgyz people has always held family and traditional values in high esteem. This does not fit into the moral upbringing of our young people," Zhunusbayev said.

The police arrived at the hotel and allowed the attendees to leave the building without incidents, he said.

However, its organizers tried to meet up again later on Wednesday, this time at the office of a local nongovernmental organization. After that the activists had to ask them more persistently to leave the city. "We warned them that if they show up once again, it will be worse because the young people of Osh won't let this happen," the youth organization leader said.