2014-02-19 14:00:00

Gay marriages don't make Russia, Europe closer to each other - Russian MP

Moscow, February 20, Interfax - Attempts of the European Union to export the culture of gay marriages to Russia do not assist the rapprochement of Russia and the EU, Russian State Duma foreign affairs committee chairman Alexey Pushkov said.

"Let us solve the problems of mutual values, especially in the family sphere, and of how our society should be built ourselves. I don't think that the active promotion of gay culture make us closer to Europe," Pushkov said during a Moscow-Berlin video link-up on Tuesday.

Europe has chosen gay culture but this does not mean that other states should follow its example, he said.

"We cannot abandon the traditional basis of our culture. There are 16 million Muslims in Russia and there are quite a lot of representatives of other ethnicities to whom what is now becoming so-called European values is absolutely alien," Pushkov said.

"Look at what is happening on France: 500,000, 1,000,000 people go to streets to protest gay marriages. Why should the European Union export such a culture?" he said.

Europe is a large space in which if one wants to he can promote such values, he said. "But to my mind this factor only complicates relations and does not add positive aspects to their development in countries that are not a part of the EU," Pushkov said.