2014-02-06 15:10:00

No applications made to protest against anti-gay law during Olympics - Deputy PM Kozak

Moscow, February 6, Interfax - No applications have been made on holding demonstrations related to the Russian law banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said, pointing out that the Olympic Charter does not permit any political actions during this time.

"There have been no official applications and no facts on the matter. Nor have any requests been made regarding demonstrations. I'd like to point out that the Olympic Games and the international Olympic Charter prohibit the holding of any political actions during sports events," Kozak said in an interview to the Rossiya-24 news TV channel on Thursday.

The Russian legislation "that has evoked a storm of discussions is not aimed at discriminating people with any sexual orientation," Kozak said. "As well as for people with traditional sexual orientation, it bans involving children in sexual relations and bans propaganda," he said.

The law doesn't the regulate private lives of adults, Kozak said. "They even have the right to spread propaganda about their sexual orientation, but only among adults. Don't touch children, as I keep on saying," he said.

Concerning protest demonstrations during the Olympic Games, Kozak said, "This is the International Olympic Committee's area of responsibility."

"The Olympic Games are not a political event. They are exclusively a sports event," he said.