2014-01-29 17:37:00

Protodeacon Kurayev believes absurd homosexuals' wish to call their unions families

*** He suggests them to use "the Orc language" for it

Moscow, January 29, Interfax - Sex minorities should not privatize a notion of "family," they better find another word for referring to their unions, Protodeacon Andrey Kurayev believes.

"Why do these homo-downshifters try so hard to pervert our language? Why do they want to pervert the meaning of the word "family"? Isn't it possible to leave traditional meaning for the words "marriage" and "family" as a union of man and woman, the supreme idea of which is giving a new life?" the protodeacon writes in his blog.

"We don't call a football team the Academy of Sciences and a symphonic orchestra the Emergency Ministry operative group, do we? If homosexuals want to call their relations somehow, let them invent the term themselves. We can suggest them something from the Orc language," the blogger said.

According to the author, the most important thing is that the law reserves the right for adopting children exclusively for the family, and "it doesn't matter for us how homosexuals inherit after each other their greasy property."

On the eve, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, speaking in the Federation Council during his first-ever visit to the Supreme Chamber of the Russian Parliament, urged to cut short at the state level the attempts to change Russian legislation considering a marriage only a union between man and woman.

"In response to wide international discussion of the topic we decisively say: a marriage is a union of man and woman based on love and mutual understanding for giving birth to children," said the Patriarch and the audience welcomed his words with clapping.