2014-01-10 11:42:00

Russian LGBT community does not expect "sodomy" article to be restored in Penal Code

Moscow, January 10, Interfax - Russian LGBT movement activist Nikolay Alexeyev believes that the initiative to restore the "sodomy" article of the Penal Code is not viable.

"Contemporary Russia is too closely related to the West, and the restoration of this article will be equivalent to the restoration of the death penalty. This is a technically unviable idea because Russia is a member of certain international organizations, among them the Council of Europe. If this article is restored, Russia will be expelled from the Council of Europe," he told Interfax.

As to the open letter of actor, priest and businessman Ivan Okhlobystin to Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting the restoration of the "sodomy" article in the Penal Code, Alexeyev said it was a PR act.

"He [Okhlobystin] knows that the [idea] will trigger heated debates, so he tries to draw attention to himself one more time," he suggested.

Alexeyev said that the Russian LGBT community did not plan to hold public actions regarding Okhlobystin's open letter.