2013-09-04 13:18:00

Gay activist asks for meeting with Putin

Moscow, September 4, Interfax - Nikolay Alexeyev, a leader of the LGBT community, has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for a meeting to discuss the situation with the LGBT community.

"I am asking you for a meeting to discuss the situation with the LBGT community in Russia and in the world," Alexeyev said in Twitter, addressing the Russian president.

Alexeyev also said he will file an official request with the presidential administration on Wednesday.

Putin earlier said in an interview with the Associated Press and Russia's Channel One that he is ready to meet with representatives of the LGBT community, but they have not made any such offers yet.

"If some of them want to meet with me, I am ready, but there have not been any such initiatives yet," Putin said.

"As a rule, I meet with everyone who asks for a meeting and suggests discussing issues that they consider important. No such offers have been made yet," the president said.

"I assure you, I work with such people [homosexuals] and I sometimes award state medals and orders to them for their achievements in specific areas. We have absolutely normal relations and I don't see anything special in that," Putin said.