2013-08-12 16:54:00

No discrimination of gays will occur at Sochi Olympics - Russian Interior Ministry

Moscow, August 12, Interfax - The Russian Interior Ministry said that it would see that children were protected from harmful information during the Olympics in Sochi, however, it would not take any discriminative actions against gay Olympic athletes.

"The law mentioned above has come into effect and operates in Russia," the Russian Interior Ministry press office told Interfax on Monday.

"Due to this, employees of the Russian Interior Ministry will act in the framework of the Russian law in general and the law protecting children from harmful information in particular during the Olympics as well as during any other time," the press office said.

This law applies to individuals "whose goal is to provoke underage persons to get involved in non-traditional sexual relations," the Interior Ministry said.

"Law enforcement authorities will take measures against individuals performing such actions in accordance with the Russian law," the ministry said.

"Law enforcement authorities can not have any questions of people of non-traditional sexual orientation not committing such actions, not holding any provocations and peacefully participating with everyone in the Olympic events," the press office said.

"Thus, fears of rights violations of representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation, preventing them from participating in the Olympics and sexually-based discrimination of Olympic athletes and guests are absolutely groundless and farfetched," the press office said.

"We consider those assumptions solely as an attempt to undermine trust in the upcoming Olympics in Sochi," the ministry said.

The Interior Ministry said it would spare no effort to ensure that all Olympic athletes and guests without exception were guaranteed their rights, security and comfort.