2013-08-02 10:22:00

Half-naked women hold rally for sexual minorities' rights at Russian embassy in Sweden

Stockholm, August 2, Interfax - Several half-naked women have burst to the Russian embassy in Stockholm and have held a rally for the rights of sexual minorities in Russia, the embassy's spokesman Alexander Pashedko told Interfax.

"An hour prior to the demonstration in support of sexual minorities in Russia, scheduled and permitted by the Swedish authorities, two individuals suddenly appeared at the main gate of the embassy, undressed from waist up, put a rainbow-colored flag and started to yell slogans. Almost within minutes after this, two women, half-naked, climbed over the fence on the other side of the embassy and held a noisy protest at the embassy for ten minutes, also yelling slogans and with a small poster," Pashedko said.

Police were called immediately and activists were detained, the spokesman said. "As we were told by police, from the point of view of the Swedish law, this is definitely a violation classified as entering premises illegally, at that, premises of the foreign embassy, which is an aggravating circumstance," he said.