2013-07-22 12:20:00

Recognition of same-sex "marriages" leads humanity to end of world - Patriarch Kirill

Moscow, July 22, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia regards the recognition of same-sex "marriages" in Western countries an omen of the end of the world.

"Lately we have been facing enormous temptations when in a number of countries the choice of sin is approved and justified by law, and those who do as their conscience tells them and fight laws imposed by such minorities are subjected to reprisals. This is a very dangerous apocalyptical symptom and we must do our utmost for sin to be never approved by state laws throughout the expanses of Holy Rus because it would mean that the nation is entering the road of self-destruction," he said after a Sunday church service in Red Square.

He said that today enormous efforts are being bent "to persuade all of us that the freedom of choice is the only value and that nobody has the right to encroach on it, even if a person chooses evil, even when a person chooses socially dangerous behavior, on condition that the provisions of civil law are not violated," he said.

However, it is an open secret "how easily these provisions can be circumvented," the patriarch said.

"We know that no law, even the most perfect one can eradicate crime, corruption, evil, lies or confrontation. Only a person who has made a free choice of goodness can do that," Patriarch Kirill believes.