2013-07-01 14:58:00

Foreign gay couple sexually exploited child born by Russian surrogate mother

Moscow, July 1, Interfax - A couple of gays from the United States and New Zealand sexually abused a boy born by a Russian surrogate mother, Russian presidential commissioner for children's rights Pavel Astakhov has said.

"Marc Newton from the United States and his partner from New Zealand Peter Truin talked a woman from Russia into being a surrogate mother of their child for $8,000. After taking the boy with them the so-called parents sexually abused him many times taking photos and videos of that," Astakhov twitted on Monday.

According to his knowledge, the child became a victim of at lest eight more pedophiles in France, Germany and the United States "where he was taken expressly from shooting pornographic films."

"The investigators and prosecutors who investigated this abhorrent crime were shoked by the horrible details of the boy's exploitation," Astakhov said.

Newton's guilt was proved and he was sentenced to 40 years of jail and must place $400,000 on the boy's account. Truin is awaiting his sentence in New Zealand, Astakhov wrote.

The boy has been adopted by a U.S. family, Astakhov said.

"Russian orphans have always attracted foreign perverts due to their accessibility. By banning foreign child adoptions we are building a barrier to scoundrels. International cooperation in combating pedophiles allows Russia to identify, expose and punish criminals and protect children," the ombudsman noted.