2013-06-14 10:07:00

One of United Russia leaders slams Western criticism of gay propaganda bill

Moscow, June 14, Interfax - One of the leaders of the ruling United Russia party has railed at Western politicians who have urged Russia to scrap a bill to ban homosexuality propaganda among minors that was passed by the State Duma recently.

"Instead of giving us advice on what we should and what we shouldn't do in defending our original, traditional values, Western politicians should take care of compliance with democratic standards in their own countries," Sergey Neverov, secretary of United Russia's General Council, told reporters.

The day before, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russia to ditch the draft law, arguing that it was a path to discrimination.

Neverov, in comments on Merkel's point, cited large protest rallies in countries that have brought out laws aiming "to please a small group with non-traditional orientations." "But there nobody pays any attention to those protests. Apparently, this the way democracy is seen in those countries," he said.

Citing opinion polls, Neverov said 88% of Russians support the planned law, which was passed by the Duma on Tuesday at the second and, simultaneously, third, final reading.

The bill has received assessments from 47 Russian regions, all of them positive.