2013-06-13 10:02:00

Russian LGBT leader to sue co-author of bill on fines for homosexual propaganda

Moscow, June 13, Interfax - Nikola Alexeyev, one of the leaders of Russia's lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) rights movement, said on Tuesday that he would file a hatred incitement suit against Yelena Mizulina, one of the authors of a bill on fines for homosexual propaganda among minors that was passed by the State Duma on Tuesday.

"I will personally file an application with the Office of the Prosecutor General to prosecute Mizulina for the incitement of hatred and hostility for a social group. Moreover, I'm going to bring in action at the Hague tribunal for crimes against humanity in Russia in connection with the genocide of the LGBT community," Alexeyev said.

If signed into law, Tuesday's bill would serve to raise social tensions, he argued.

"It would lead to more homophobic murders and more suicides among children because of the propaganda of non-acceptance by the entire society of a specific social group," he said.

Mizulina heads the Duma Committee on Problems of Family, Women and Children.