2013-06-11 15:47:00

Most Russians want propaganda of homosexuality to be banned poll

Moscow, June 11, Interfax - Russians have become more intolerable to homosexuality over the past few years, and the share of opponents of same-sex marriages has grown, the VTsIOM pollster has reported.

Eighty-eight percent of Russian citizens welcome the proposed ban on the propaganda of homosexuality, compared to 86% in 2012, and only 7% support it.

"A relative majority of respondents (42%) said homosexual relations must carry criminal liability, compared to 19% in 2007. Twenty-five percent said homosexuality must be publicly scorned (compared to 18% in 2007), 15% proposed imposing fines on homosexuals (compared to 12% in 2007) and 15% said it is an individual's private affair (compared to 34% in 2007)," VTsIOM said in a press release, received by Interfax on Tuesday.

The poll was conducted in 134 localities in 42 regions among 1,600 respondents on June 8 and 9.

Most Russians have a negative attitude to homosexuality: 54% said it must be banned and even prosecuted, 33% proposed curbing it (compared to 21% in 2007) and only 9% said it should be neither banned, nor curbed.

The percentage of opponents of same-sex marriages increased from 59% in 2005 to 86% in 2013, the share of those who think same-sex couples have the right to officially marry dropped from 14% to 4%, and that of those who partially agree and partially disagree with this dropped from 17% to 6%.

The Russian State Duma is debating a bill banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors in its third and second readings on Tuesday.