2013-06-04 16:45:00

Putin says ready to sign bill banning adoption by same-sex couples (updated)

Yekaterinburg, June 4, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to sing a bill banning same-sex couples from adopting if he received such a document from Russian legislators.

"As to the bill limiting adoption of Russian children by same-sex couples, I do not have such a bill and I have not seen it. If such a bill is passed by the country's parliament, I will sign it," Putin said at a news conference on the results of the Russia-ÑE summit in Yekaterinburg.

Putin said that he was tired of questions on his attitude to same-sex "marriage": "I'm sick of hearing about same-sex "marriages". Wherever you go… I came to Europe, they are waving flags. I came here and you are bothering me with this again."

"I think that our legislation is quite liberal in this regard and there is no discrimination. People of any preferences work and build careers. We acknowledge them at the state level for certain deeds in the sphere they work in," Putin said.

"Actually, we all are to be more tolerant and show less aggression. This refers to people with traditional and non-traditional orientation. Less aggression and showing off these problems. It will be better for everyone," Putin said.

At the same time, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that the legalization of same-sex marriages in Europe was aimed at developing the institution of family.

Barroso said that his own country, Portugal, allowed same-sex "couples" to adopt children same as traditional families.