2013-05-27 10:03:00

State Duma shocked by LGBT protest at Eternal Flame in Togliatti

Moscow, May 27, Interfax - The people involved in the recent protest at the Eternal Flame in Togliatti and their supporters should be condemned by the public, Olga Batalina, first deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on family, women, and children, said.

LGBT activists lit candles, arranging them in the form of a red ribbon, an international symbol of solidarity with people who live with HIV, at the Eternal Flame in Togliatti's Freedom Square on May 19, the international HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The LGBT activists gave people leaflets about HIV and condoms and placed portraits of celebrities who died of AIDS and a plate full of condoms at the Eternal Flame.

"No administrative bans will help. It's important to subject such things to public condemnation," Batalina told the State Duma on Friday, adding that the protest "shocked people with its lack of historical memory and its attitude to holy things."

At the same time, the parliamentarian said "it is important that they [the protesters] have the right to return, realize their mistake, put it right, and never repeat it."

It was earlier reported that the public organization Officers of Russia has asked the Samara region's governor and the prosecutors to investigate the situation with the protest.

"We are outraged by the actions by LGBT activists, who put a plate full of condoms at the Eternal Flame. Nothing is holy to them. We are asking the region's governor and prosecutors to investigate this incident and give a legal evaluation to this disgraceful incident," Anton Tsvetkov, chairman of the movement's presidium, told Interfax.