2013-05-17 16:16:00

Georgian ombudsman fails to protect gay parade in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, May 17, Interfax - Policemen in Tbilisi had to rush to Georgian ombudsman Uchya Nanusahvili's defense from opponents of gay parades after Nanuashvili tried and failed to persuade the moralists not to obstruct a gay rally.

Nanuashvili was compelled to leave the scene accompanied by a dozen policemen, an Interfax correspondent reported.

The rights commissioner was insulted when he argued that sexual minorities have the right to hold rallies.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary minority representing the party led by the president, supported the gay parade.

One of the parliamentary majority's leaders, Giorgy Gabashvili, told the press that, "the government has not taken sufficient measures to protect the rights of sexual minorities."

He blamed the authorities for letting "fundamentalists" and supporters of violence out of prisons who, he said, took part in aggressive actions against representatives of the gay community.