2013-05-17 15:06:00

Orthodox Church, NGO of Moldova ask Chisinau mayor to cancel gay parade

Chisinau, May 17, Interfax - Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova wrote to the Chisinau mayor urging the official to ban the gay parade scheduled for May 19.

"The initiative of Moldova's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to organize a parade of sexual minorities in the capital is a provocation and challenges good morals. The Moldovan Orthodox Church is going to honor Saint Myrrh Bearers on May 19. This event has a moral and spiritual priority and cannot be desecrated by the actions of the minority, views of which are far from the Christian morals," the metropolitan said.

The metropolitan said that he urged the Chisinau mayor to exercise his right "not to let the capital's residents witness these shameful events."

The Baptist Church Gospel said it urged the LGBT community not to hold the May 19 parade because "this event could lead to violence." Senior Pastor Vasily Filat told reporters that "homosexuals' intentions deserved condemnation because it is impossible to spread the sin."

"Politicians promised during the election campaign that law on legalizing homosexuality would not pass. They did not keep their word. We are saddened with this decision. Politicians' mistakes are a crime against the nation. It was a crime to pass this law," Filat said.

My Moldova non-governmental organization said it urged Moldovan citizens to come on May 19 to the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau to prevent sexual minorities from holding the parade. My Moldova's representatives said that "the rally will be peaceful and aimed at assisting the advancement of national and family values."

Former Moldovan Minister of Security Anatol Plugaru told reporters at a news conference on May 16 that "manifestations of sexual minorities are a shameful rally."