2013-05-17 14:23:00

Police, special task forces save gay parade participants from outraged citizens in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, May 17, Interfax - Opponents of the gay parade, sexual minorities intended to hold a rally in central Tbilisi on Friday, managed to break through police cordons.

According to the report of an Interfax correspondent, police and dozens of special task officers managed to put gay parade participants in buses and bring them to a safe place.

Around 10,000 Orthodox citizens gathered in central Tbilisi to prevent sexual minorities from holding the rally organized by Identity non-governmental organization.

Priests who came to the rally told reporters that they would not allow "rampant immorality" in Georgia.

Sexual minorities gathered in a public garden on Freedom Square, however Orthodox citizens managed to break through police cordons and tried top physically harm sexual minorities. Police and special task forces managed to take parade participants away from central Tbilisi.

At the same time, thousands of citizens and priests remain on Rustaveli Avenue.

Chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili said at a Friday plenary session that "the constitution assumes freedom of faith and views and no one has the right to go beyond the constitution and law."