2006-02-16 12:42:00

Moscow govt won't allow gay parade

Moscow, February 16, Interfax - The Moscow city government will not allow a gay parade in the city on any circumstances and in any form, Moscow mayor's press secretary Sergey Tsoy told Interfax on Thursday.

Commenting on recent media reports that sexual minorities planned a mass action in Moscow, Tsoy said these reports "have evoked outrage in society, in particular, among religious leaders."

"The Moscow government is not even going to consider allowing a gay parade," he said.

Tsoy suggested that all speculations that the parade might be held in the form of a rally in defense of sexual minorities are only a disguise.

"Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov was firm that the city government will not allow a gay parade in any form, open or disguised, and any attempts to organize an unsanctioned action will be resolutely quashed," Tsoy said.