2006-02-15 17:16:00

Moscow Patriarchate sees in gay parades ‘a propaganda of sin’ and strongly protests against conducting them in Moscow

Moscow, February 15, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church considers the gay parade planned for May in Moscow to be inadmissible and sees such activities as propaganda of sin.

‘The Church treats those who practice homosexuality as profoundly pitiful if they do not engage others in the sphere of their influence and urges them to repent and abandon their ruinous behavior and sin’, Rev. Mikhail Dudko, Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations for church-society relations, said to Interfax.

‘But if they propagandize homosexuality - and a gay parade is a propaganda and attempt to romanticize sin to make it attractive - we are simply obliged to come out strongly against such an activity’, he added.

As a reminder, Father Mikhail said the Church has repeatedly expressed protest against the conducting of gay parades in other countries where there are parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

‘We believe it inadmissible to hold such propaganda actions in the heart of Russia. We know that other traditional religions in our country support us in this desire to protect the people and the youth from these lawless people’, he said.

The Church, he said, calls upon all those who have authority to do all that is possible ‘lest an ever growing number of people should be caught in the sphere of sinful influence’.