2013-04-26 17:36:00

Russia should amend adoption deal with France in light of legalization of same-sex marriages - Putin

Novo-Ogaryovo, April 26, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin believes adoption agreements with other countries should be amended if these countries amend national laws in a way that this goes against Russian law.

Kaliningrad regional Legislative Assembly Chair Marina Orgiyeva suggested earlier that Russia should think about amending the Russian-French adoption agreement in light of the enactment of legislation legalizing same-sex marriages in France so that Russian children could not be adopted by same-sex French families.

"She is right," Putin said. "We should respond to what happens around us. We respect our partners but ask them to respect Russia's cultural traditions and its ethical, legislative and moral norms. I believe we have the right to make amendments to such documents. The issue is important, and we should think about it," he said.

Russia and France signed an agreement on cooperation in inter-country adoptions in November 2011. Putin ratified the document in July 2012.

The French National Assembly passed a bill allowing homosexual couples to marry and adopt children in a 331-225 vote on April 23. For the legislation to take effect, it has to be signed by President Francois Hollande, who promised to legalize same-sex marriages during his election campaign. The French opposition warned that it would go to the Constitutional Council to have the legislation rescinded.

The bill caused a number of major protests throughout France, in which both supporters and opponents of legalization of same-sex marriages took part. France has seen some outbreaks of homophobia in the past several weeks, and some lawmakers received letters with threats.