2006-02-15 16:05:00

If a gay parade takes place in Moscow, about a million of believers will go out into the streets in protest

Moscow, February 15, Interfax - Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky, leader of the Russian Pentecostals, stated the readiness of the Pentecostals, together with the Russian Orthodox Church, Moslems and Jews, to file an official request for a march in defense of morality if a gay parade takes place in Moscow.

‘In my estimation, together we can summon at least one million people’, he said to Interfax on Wednesday.

Speaking about it, the bishop underlined that ‘Russia has a rich history and culture and our culture has never given room to sexual perversion’.

‘It may have existed and may have been even praised in the Roman Empire and Greece, but Russia did not defile herself with it’, he emphasized.

He also remarked that homosexuality is a sin ‘in the eyes of any Christian’. ‘The liberal attitude of several European Churches to this issue is very regrettable and deserves only to be condemned’, Bishop Ryakhovsky concluded.