2013-04-15 12:40:00

Dutch attitude to sexual minorities unacceptable in Russia Peskov

Moscow, April 15, Interfax - The attitude of the Netherlands to sexual minorities is not acceptable to Russia; this is not criticism but the recognition of an actual fact, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has said.

"It is not our business to criticize the Netherlands for the way they live, for the way they regard or disregard sexual minorities. But it is our business to recognize that such phenomena are absolutely unacceptable in this country," he said on a Sunday night current events show on Russia 1 channel.

"Our culture, our history, our religious and ethnic diversity, the foundations of our society are in conflict with these phenomena," he said.

"As we understand it, this is not freedom, as we understand it these things are unacceptable for us," Peskov said.