2006-02-14 12:03:00

Mufti Tajuddin predicts mass protest actions of Russian Muslims against gay parade in Moscow

Moscow, February 14, Interfax - Russian Muslims can arrange serious protest actions if representatives of sexual minorities try to stage a gay parade later in May.

‘Protests of Muslims can be even sharper than those abroad against scandalous cartoons’, supreme mufti of the Central Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of the country Talgat Tajuddin told Interfax on Tuesday.

‘The parade should be allowed in no circumstances. If they go into the streets, they should be thrashed. All normal people will do it, both Muslims and the Orthodox’, the mufti thinks.

He noted that representatives of sex minorities ‘could do whatever they like at home or in any secluded place. However, if they go into the streets and start campaigning, society should isolate them so that young people do not follow them’.

Tajuddin is against gays’ idea to claim their rights by public actions. ‘They have no rights whatsoever as they overstepped the bounds of decency. Untraditional orientation is considered a crime against God’, the mufti said.

He added that Prophet Muhammad had ordered to kill homosexualists, as ‘their behavior leads to the end of human race’.

‘This is neither a democracy, nor an anarchy. This is the end of history. This is abhorrent to God and man’, Tajuddin underscored.