2012-11-19 12:33:00

Feminists dressed of nuns conduct rally in defense of same-sex marriage in Paris

Kiev, November 19, Interfax - Activists from the women's movement FEMEN on November 18 conducted a rally in defense of the bill on same-sex marriage in central Paris, France. The rally was called "In Gay We Trust."

The rally was conducted at the time when "a homophobic Catholic rally" was conducted in central Paris, which was attacked by FEMEN activists dressed as nuns, FEMEN reported on its website.

According to FEMEN, religious and nationalist activists then attacked the FEMEN activists and beat them up. The incident was stopped by the police and members of the French gay and transsexual community.

"FEMEN prohibits religious activists from getting involved in secular issues relating to family and marriage and sexual relations and demands that they not force their medieval ideas on life on modern Europe," FEMEN said in its statement, commenting on the motives for their protest.