2020-08-18 16:21:00

Organizers of protests in Belarus act according to "Lenin's textbooks"

Protest moods in Belarus start affecting spiritual sphere. There are discussions about necessity to set up a new Church structure in the country following the example of Ukraine. Yury Kot, press secretary of the World Russian People's Council headed by Patriarch Kirill, shared with Interfax-Religion correspondent Yelena Verevkina his opinion about tomos for Belarus, its cooperation with Russia and Europe, and who can benefit from the clashes.

- Belarus has already announced the idea of setting up an independent Church in the country. What do you think about the idea of "Belarusian tomos"?

- Devilish trick with tomos is a well-known century-old technology, which goes back to the Marxist-Leninist times. Of course, the task is to bring in splits everywhere, at all levels, first of all at the spiritual level. I am very glad that the Orthodox Church in Belarus recently held a prayer service asking the Almighty to help stabilize the situation. It is very important. For a person who thinks and wants to sort it out, there is nothing difficult in situation in Belarus. It is quite evident what is good and what is bad. It is bad when the West tries to destabilize it. The pro-western Belarusian project needs neither Belarusian business, nor the people of Belarus, nor, above all, Belarusian Orthodox believers. On the contrary, if you still have any doubts, look at the ongoing pro-western Ukrainian project and you will understand that it will be even worse in Belarus, much worse. Ukraine on the eve of the pro-western coup was somehow more or less mentally prepared for this process, there was no such dominance of the Soviet identity, and therefore the breakdown was not so painful. In Belarus, it will be very painful. Western business and Western oligarchy will break them down, destroy them, wipe off the map everything that can relate to national security, and first of all it refers to the questions of faith and spirituality.

- Do you think that the events in Belarus are based on Lenin's technologies?

- I think it is not a secret that the technology of Gene Sharp's color revolutions was copied from the October revolution in the Russian Empire in 1917. Of course, no one abolished the plan of seizing "mail, telephone, telegraph"- it is necessary to capture the informational space. In other words, they act precisely according to "Lenin's textbooks" - the methods that were written and implemented by Bolsheviks. There is a certain irony of fate or history that the last pseudo-Soviet state formation - Belarus, which glorified and idealized the Soviet past and Communist ideals, is now shaken because of the Bolshevik know-how. There is something extremely important in it that our Russian brothers in Belarus should have understood long ago.

I believe that it is time to finish the story of Belarusian separatism. We are all Russians - Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Russians, we are all one nation. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, it's time to unite in order to protect ourselves from the destruction by Western civilization. I think that the current situation should dispel the last illusions that the Belarusian authorities and Belarusian people fascinated by the West might have had about civilization coming to them, great happiness and "Europaradise". The West has never brought civilization, it has always been a robbery, and Belarus will not be an exception. Here we need to spare no effort to implement the Treaty of Union, and if Belarus and Russia unite, then, perhaps, Ukraine will join them.

- What European countries can benefit from the final separation of Belarus from Russia?

- Belarus opens a new window of opportunities both for Russia and Europe. We have one goal: to prevent a Polish coup. In fact, that what is happening: the Poles, with the blessing of their democratic partners and their satellites in "New Europe", are trying to perform a coup and thus seize Belarus in order to implement the "restoration of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth", which is written down in the preamble of their Constitution. There is such a part in the preamble of the Constitution of Poland where it is written that they act in frames of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth number three. There was the first Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that finished with three divisions of Poland, there was the second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth a hundred years ago, and today again they live with some phantom desires to restore the Polish Empire. They have never been an empire and will never be an empire, but it is not secret that Poland claims to dominate in Europe. The fact that Poland wants to lead the "New Europe" is an open secret. Of course, the Old Europe, led by Germany, understands these intentions of Poland and, I think, should do everything to oppose these intentions, as by tightening the "Brzezinski's belt" of the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, they will be able to seriously influence the interaction between the Old Europe and Russia as far as geopolitics and logistics are concerned... Therefore, the task of Old Europe is to prevent a successful result of the Polish coup in Belarus. Their task is to oppose it, Russia has the same task.

Today, Belarus has become the only transit window between Europe and Russia. It is clear that Poland wants to strengthen its influence in this region and thus seriously influence European politics, but does the Old Europe need this? It is already irritated by the actions of Poland, which acts in the interests of the United States of America and its British partners, but not the Europeans. Here we need to unite our efforts in order to settle the destabilizing situation and start acting in a constructive way. I think that the only possible constructive approach in this situation, which, by the way, is in the interests of Old Europe as well, is the maximum integration of Belarus with Russia in the framework of the Union Treaty. It is time to stop these separatist Belarusian stories - we are all Russian people, and there is no need to invent new models. It is time to unite for the sake of saving ourselves and our peoples, because the union of Belarus and Russia will mean not only security, not only stability, but also the well-being of both Russians and Belarusians.