2016-09-01 10:00:00

You should better not go to the beach, if your bathing suit irritates others

Europe is discussing a ban on burkini - full body bath suit for Muslims, which corresponds to the norms of Islam. The ban on burkini has been recently introduced in France.

Renowned designer, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and in the past - director of the Information and Analytics Sector of the USSR Fashion Center and Burda Moden art director Svetlana Begovatova shares her attitude to burkini and her thoughts about its future in Russia in her interview with Interfax-Religion.

- What is your attitude to the discussion connected with wearing burkini in France?

- Every region has traditions and rules, but intrusion of other cultures, often not combining with the existing tradition, takes place all around the world. I believe it is a kind of violence, when alien rules are imposed on local residents. On one hand, it is possible to be tolerant to women in burkini, but on the other hand, there are many not only rude, but inadequate people. They can't restrain their temper. Besides, there is much intolerance, hostility, violence in the world. The atmosphere in Europe is tense, it is connected with the flow of refugees. Local residents try to create conditions for their adaptation. There is no need to provoke them. It is better not to tease the geese. When you come to an alien house, you should not dictate your rules. You should better not go to the beach, if your bathing suit irritates others.

- Do you think that European authorities should ban Muslim swimsuits?

- To answer this question, we should understand the reasons, why women appear on the beaches in Muslim swimsuits. On one hand, they feel that they are at home, and wear whatever they like, and on the other hand, perhaps, someone provokes them to put on burkini.

But if you go to another country with absolutely different rules of life, rules in clothing, you try not to irritate people. And here they say: we won't do it, and you should not wear mini skirts, you should not do this, you should not do that, they start managing people. I do not know if it should be banned or not, because I do not know the true reasons. We should clear out what makes them behave like this and there is such catalyst. If you feel it impossible to undress you'd better not go to the beach, you can bathe somewhere in the bushes.

- What's your attitude to burkini as a designer?

- This swimsuit cannot be considered fashion, it is from the sphere of Islamic bans rooted in Islamic tradition. There is a lot of ethnic elements in fashion today. There were precedents when a designer used Arabic script, took phrases from Koran and decorated materials with them. It outraged believers as these phrases turned out to be indecent. If you create a fashionable look and want to use some ethnic motives, colors, decoration, you should think twice.