2021-04-02 00:00:00

Presumed supporter of Ukrainian nationalists detained in Barnaul confesses to plotting to blow up mosque

Moscow, April 2, Interfax - A man who supposedly supports Ukrainian nationalists and was detained in the Russian city of Barnaul on suspicion of plotting "actions of intimidation" has said he was seeking to blow up a local mosque.

"I wanted to choose a target and blow up the Barnaul mosque," the man said in a video of his interrogation published by the Federal Security Service (FSB).

The suspect said he had received assignments from Ukrainian nationalists.

"The first assignment was to take pictures and conduct onsite reconnaissance. The next assignment was to destroy a facility, and I could choose the method myself, like, for instance, arson or explosive demolition," he said.

The FSB said earlier on Friday that a young man who was preparing actions to intimidate foreigners and bodies of state authority with support from Ukrainian nationalists had been detained in Barnaul.

The detention was made in connection with a case based on actions outlined in an article of the Russian Criminal Code dealing with receiving training for carrying out terrorist activities.

"The Ethnic National Association was created to coordinate actions by nationalists of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia during 'direct actions' against people of non-Slavic appearance and bodies of state authority," the FSB said.