2012-08-16 21:33:00

Lawrence D. Jacobs.
Saying of the Pussy Riot's name violates decency laws in the USA

I heard about the Pussy Riot case from the American and European press which is pending in Moscow district court at the moment. As far as I know the members of the group some of whom had become famous because of public sex performances, invaded in the central Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church (Christ the Savior Cathedral that had been demolished by the communists and then rebuilt recently) and then conducted a dance near altar. They cried out blasphemous slogans insulting Christians. They and their accomplices organized a video record of the action and later on distributed in Internet. Soon after that they were arrested by the police and spent 6 month detention before trial.

I know that many radical leftist and socialist activists worldwide stand-up for them claiming that their performance was anti-Putin and that's why they should be released as prisoners of conscience. The Russian Orthodox Church was also stigmatized for being at the side of the state's prosecution. I think that neither in Russia, nor in any other country in the world those who invade in churches to commit vandalism must be justified. Criminal responsibility for such actions is reasonable measure to protect believers from attacks of extremists of any kind. Just this past weekend in the U.S., a gunman broke into a Sikh Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and killed 6 people. It should be embarrassing to U.S. government, that while Russia has been quick to punish violence against religious believers, the Obama administration continues to encourage violence and discrimination against Christians and people of faith by asking them to violate their beliefs and conscience by paying for healthcare plans that force coverage of harmful abortion procedures and coverage of abortifacient contraceptives that are dangerous to women.

I condemn the desire to set a new dividing line between Russia and Western countries saying that such expressions of freedom are recognized as a norm in Europe and the United States. Many Americans feel insulted by Pussy Riot act, as well as the Russian people. and I have no doubts that in my country such a crime would be punished under trespassing, public nudity, and vandalism laws. In fact, just the repeated saying of the band's name (a shameful vulgarity and degradation of women) in the presence of minor children could be considered profanity and violate decency laws in the United States. The leftists and secular, post-modern media continue to put our children at risk while falsely accusing the Church.

America's 2nd president, John Adams once spoke of the freedoms offered to Americans saying that "Our [U.S.] Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." How sad and ironic is it that the Russian President (labeled a communist dictator by many in the Western media elite) is the one defending laws and morality consistent with the freedom in the U.S. Constitution while our socialist American President has launched an all out assault against religious freedom and the moral and religious people of America.