2005-11-07 13:59:00

Anatoly Artemov, Victor Pokrovsky.
French political correctness collapsing

French violence has gripped larger areas and become openly anti-Christian. In Lens in the north of the country and in Sete in the south, rioters set fire to several church buildings. Neither ‘the left’, nor anti-globalists, or young hooligans ever allowed this. Politically correct French mass media at first kept quiet about national and religious background of rioters, but now openly call the events ‘Green revolution’.

The unrest was preceded by certain preventive measures of the authorities that restored visa regime with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, closed the most radical mosques and arrested hundreds of Islamists. Last spring a law that prohibits wearing openly religious symbols in schools was adopted against Muslim hijabs in the first place. However, these measures have made the immigrants even angrier. They have retained all their rights and social benefits, but had a cause to take revenge on the ungrateful Frenchmen who dared abuse their feelings in such a cynical form.

France has become a victim of its own political correctness, secularism, and religious neutrality. For many decades the French ‘ideology without ideology’ has maintained that all people were good, that their conviction should be respected, and that all misfortunes were a result of oppression, lack of freedom and economic inequality.

Current events signify the end of this doctrine. Either the Frenchmen stop to see life through rose-coloured spectacles, or this nation will be thrown out of history. One should recognize at last that there are good and bad convictions, culture and vandalism, and that an ideologically neutral state is suitable only for a lengthy period of peace and stability.

This period is definitely over in France. It means the necessity to respond by force rather than try to cajole the vandals. It also means the necessity to bring back their own religiosity from ghetto because faith motivation can be met by the equally strong one. A liberal will never win over a fanatic, even if he has more money and weapons. Let us not forget, however, that thousands of Muslims serve in the French army and police.

Meanwhile, French authorities think over effective methods to prevent such incidents rather than how to restrain the riot - that is clear. It cannot be ruled out that the French will borrow the experience of such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia that encourage ‘gastarbaiters’ to come but do not pay for it with riots and violence. Their receipt is simple - for an opportunity to earn money non-Muslim immigrants are obliged to behave not to annoy the residents. Non-Islamic clothing, construction of church buildings and missionary work are out of the question - one can be deported for it, and even get a life sentence. For instance, it is prohibited even to wear a cross and have the Bible at home in Saudi Arabia where the percentage of migrants is significantly higher than in France. That is why only a very bold dreamer can imagine that the Philippines community in an Arab country could build dozens of churches, sell anti-Islamic literature in them, and then set out to destroy mosques.